Saturday, September 7, 2013

Student Saturday: The Limit by Kristen Landon'

Today's student review is by Whitney.

The Limit is about a boy who has just started middle school and already he has found out that an eighth grade girl was taken by the government, because her parents went over their spending limits. Up until then they were only kidnapping high school kids. So, Matt (the main character) is starting to think he will be the next one to be taken. But he dismissed the thought because his family members are responsible spenders, and as long as they continue to stay that way he shouldn't have to worry, or should he?

The main character Matt is very smart.  He has a 3.007 GPA and is quite the wiz in math. He enjoys playing with his friends after school and has two younger sisters. I made the connection between me and Matt because we are both in the sixth grade. Personally I think this book is amazing and can relate to tons of people.

Now, I would recommend this book to someone a little on the mature side of reading, but other than that, I think people will enjoy this book. There are two main settings in this book, Matt's house where he goes after school, and usually invites his friends over. The second setting is the warehouse. This is where the government sends the kids to work. I enjoyed this book a lot and if you give it a chance I bet you will too.

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