Monday, September 9, 2013

Thanks A Lot Emily Post - Jennifer LaRue Huget

Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Pages:  40
Genre: children's picture book
Source: purchased

In the front of the book we are told that Emily Post created fictional characters like Mrs. Toplofty, Mr. Kindhart, Mrs. Wellborn and Mrs. Worldly for her 1922 book Etiquette in society, in business, in politics and at home". The same characters are sprinkled throughout this wonderful story.

When mother brings home an etiquette book by Emily Post, life at home changes.  The children are consistently being told what Emily Post says they should do in every situation.  They are hit with so many rules that they feel they can no longer have any fun.  The lovely characters from Emily Post's book weigh in on each and every situation.  Finally the older brother comments that he bet Emily was not a perfect child.  That is when Mrs. Worldly lets them in on some of the mean little antics Emily Post pulled.  This gives them an idea.  They put their plan in action to get rid of Emily and her friends. This was a wonderful book.  They plan they came up with was wonderful and funny.  The illustrations were bright, colorful and had so much for they eyes to take in, (think eye candy).  I think this is a book every grown up should share with a child.  It is a wonderful way to teach some etiquette, which is something that seems to be going out the door in today's age.  I am very glad I got this book and read it to my grandchildren.

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