Saturday, October 12, 2013

Student Saturday: Prisoner B-3087: Alan Grat

Student Reviewer: Noah

The book that I read is titled Prisoner B-3087. The main character of this book is a young Jewish boy named, Yanek. He had a big family, nearly twenty close members. He enjoyed reading, studying the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah, and playing baseball with his friends after school. When Yanek is 9 years old, he is forced to move into the ghetto where there are Germans who kill the Jews jut for fun. The he is brought to concentration camps all over Germany where he is starved, beaten, and mistreated at ten different concentrations camps. A concentration camp is where the Jews are forced to do lots of intensive physical labor each day and only get about an eighth or tenth of a loaf of bread each day. In result of this routine, many of them slip into this thing they call "mussla men". This is where they are too tired to work, so the Germans come and beat them to death in their beds to make sure they are not faking it.

I connect this book to when we read and researched the diary  and life of Anne Frank. I remember how in this book the Jews had to be inside by 9:00 pm or they were shot on sight. Also, there were hundreds of Jews being killed every day.

Finally, I remember how in the end she was brought to a concentration camp and starved to death. "Prisoner B-3087 was set at first in a small town in Germany that had been converted into a walled in ghetto. Then it moved around to ten different concentration camps. One of which he got his "new" name painfully tattooed onto his arm, B-3087.

In my opinion this book was a really good explanation of what this 11 year old kid had to go through. I couldn't believe the severity of the death marches or the horrible camps. These camps and marches were meant to kill as many Jews as possible. I would recommend this book to my brother and mom because they like realistic fiction books like this. Or, to anyone who likes World War II history like I do.

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