Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Student Saturday: Jade Green - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Student Reviewer - Grant G.

Jade Green a Ghost Story is a very good book.  I liked it because it had a good plot and a very good detail, almost like it made a movie in my head. It was really scary. A word to the wise, don't read this book alone in the dark. The book is sometimes confusing when it goes from one scene to another.

There are four main characters in this book.  Judith is a girl that was orphaned at fifteen and had to move to her uncle's house in Charleston, South Carolina. Judith's uncle is the owner of the house and really starts to open up to her. Charles is Judith's cousin. He is forty years old and eats with his uncle almost every night. The cook Mrs. Hastings is really ice to Judith. She was the person that Judith would trust the most.

In the story, after Judith gets orphaned, her uncle takes her in. The only rule he had was no green in his house. Judith had a green picture f4rame with her mother's picture in it. The night after she was taken into her uncle's house she hears shuffling in the closet of her bedroom. About a month later Judith gets employed at the Hat Shoppe in town. She makes a lot of new friends and hears a lot of gossip. half a year later a hurricane comes through the town. Judith and her friend Zeke begin to evacuate and prepare the house for the hurricane.

The book takes place in Charleston, South Carolina before cars and phones and when every shop in town had its own purpose. The uncle's house was two stories high and had three people who live there, the uncle, Judith, and Mrs. Hastings. They ate in a garden outside next to the house. They lived near a beach of which they visited often. Judith will sometimes take a carriage ride home from the hat Shoppe going the long way.

This book has the same setting as my neighborhood. There is a big house, double story with a beach not far from it. In my grandparents' house they used to have rats in the basement that made a lot of noise just like the ones in Judith's closet. Sometimes I will hear noises at night but usually it's just my brother.

This was a very interesting book. Personally I would recommend it to my friend Mark. He likes scary books with a lot of detail like me. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes scary books and to the people who like a lot of detail. This book can be scary at times. It is part mystery and a lot thriller. This book is definitely worth a read.

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