Saturday, November 9, 2013

Student Saturday: Umbrella Summer - Lisa Graff

Student Reviewer: Olivia G.

Umbrella Summer is a great book.  It's sad but good! After her brother has been struck in the heart at a hockey game, Annie Richards becomes afraid of everything, and she does not even want to walk out her door! She freaks out over some bug bites! Her friends want her to try out for cheer leading! There is no way she was doing that! Her friends will not give up! Thy know she can do it, but she refuses to try. I would be the same, trying  to do a back handspring with no experience! I can't imagine her brother dying, it made a huge impact on her life. But, with a friend at the end of the street she can change. I would say most people that love non-fiction or realistic fiction would enjoy this book. The back of the book is a great grabber. I love this book. It really relates to someone who is trying to be a risk-taker, but it's taking a while. This is a book that everyone would love.

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