Monday, December 16, 2013

Gilda Joyce: Bones of the Holy – Jennifer Allison

Pages:  288
Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery
Source: I purchased a copy

From Goodreads:
When Gilda Joyce's mother announces her engagement to a man from St. Augustine, Florida, Gilda is appalled. She hasn't even given him the "Joyce Family Application" yet! But as the wedding preparations get under way, Gilda realizes she has much bigger concerns. Why does her soon-to-be stepdad keep calling Mrs. Joyce by his ex-wife's name? And why is Mrs. Joyce acting like she's possessed?

With only a few short days before her mother says "I do," Gilda knows this much for sure: it's going to take every ounce of her sleuthing skill and psychic savvy to solve this one!

My Thoughts:

Jennifer Allison has done a great job in this last book in the Gilda Joyce series.  First she set it in one of my favorite places in Florida, St. Augustine.  This was the perfect setting to put Gilda in.  Gilda’s mom is acting strange and Gilda knows it involves a man.  She is not impressed with anything except the fact that the man owns a shop with vintage clothing.  This is Gilda’s all time favorite thing.  Gilda and her mom fly to Florida for the upcoming wedding.  She is to be joined by her brother at a later date.  Once he arrives they learn that things are not what they seem.  They stumble into trouble that could cost them their lives.  Can they help solve a mystery from long ago.  You’ve got to read this to find out what Gilda comes up with and how she solves this mystery.  This book is full of the fun and mystery that is one hundred percent Gilda Joyce.  For me it was full of the history of St. Augustine.  Jennifer definitely did her research on this one.  If nothing else maybe this will entice the reader to come to St. Augustine to check out some of the wonderful history and maybe even check out a ghost or two.  Definitely one of my favorite of her books.

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