Saturday, December 28, 2013

Murder on the Orient Espresso by Sandra Balzo

Pages: 208
Genre:  Adult Mystery
Sources:  I Received a Review Copy

From Goodreads:
It’s November and Maggy Thorsen, co-owner of the Wisconsin gourmet coffeehouse, Uncommon Grounds, is in South Florida at an annual crime-writers’ conference with her beau, local sheriff Jake Pavlik, who is due to speak as a ‘forensics expert’.

Maggy’s pledge to behave solely as a tourist becomes trickier than she anticipated when the conference’s opening night event turns out to be a re-enactment of Agatha Christie’s classic, Murder on the Orient Express. As Maggy and Jake reluctantly set off on the night train to the Everglades to solve the ‘crime’, it’s clear that, as in the original novel, nothing is quite what it seems. And amidst rumours of careers taken, manuscripts stolen and vows broken, it seems that in the Everglades – as in life – the predator all too often becomes the prey.

My Thoughts:

I love Sandra Balzo’s stories.  One, they are a great mystery, two they are full of humor. Maggy and her sheriff boyfriend are on their way from Wisconsin to Florida to a Writers’ conference.  The sheriff is going to speak on forensics at the conference.  They will then board a train headed towards the Everglades with an Agatha Christy reenactment on the Orient Express.  Once again Maggie and Jake find themselves in the middle of a real mystery to be solved.  They must figure out who the real murderer is on the train.  This is a quick and enjoyable read.  She is an author I highly recommend.

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