Saturday, December 7, 2013

Student Saturday: Dork Diaries - Rachel Renee Russell

Student Reviewer: Angela S.

Dork Diaries was a book about a girl who moved schools and is having a really bad time. She then finds two friends and they are absolutely crazy. They want to get tattoos for the trip they want to win.  But, their parents won't let them. She then starts making fake tattoos on them and popular kids want some for an exchange of donated books for the library. It all gets out of hand when they start making more for other kids.  She works non-stop and their friendship ends. Then it was the day of the art competition and her art work gets ruined. She can't attend, but her crush brings her inside out of the rain. She goes to the office and gets changed. Secretly her crush and friends help her out by taking pictures of the tattoos she created and make it into an art piece for the art show. She won first place and her former friends are now best friends. I think that I couldn't have held it all and would have cried for days. I recommend reading Dork Diaries  to people that have moved to a different school and are having a hard time.

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