Saturday, December 21, 2013

Student Saturday: The Monster in the Hollows - Andrew Peterson

Student Reviewer: Eliana T.

I enjoyed this book immensely from the start, because even in the beginning there was action and adventure that pulls the reader in. In the land of Aeiriwar, a place where trolls, toothy cows, and vicious fangs prowl, you travel along side the three siblings: Tanner, Lili, and Kalmar, as they try and find refuge in a place called The Hollows. Kalmar, the unlikely king, scares the Hollows folk into treating Kalmar like a Fang, taken his wolfish appearance. Inside he is just a normal eleven year old boy...or is he? Tanner, being  the eldest has the responsibility of caring for his younger brother and sister, and its harder that it looks. Lili, the youngest, has a lame leg, but it never holds her back. She has a beautiful voice and a kind spirit, and can play a whistle harp like you've never heard before. The three siblings and their family must battle through many hardships and one question remains, Who is the true monster in the Hollows? This book was full of mystery and twists so I would recommend it to someone who enjoys a laugh or two, and loves a adventure beyond your wildest dreams. This was an experience that was worth while and made me realize how important family really is, and that you have to stick together.

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