Saturday, December 14, 2013

Student Saturday: Rules - Cynthia Lord

Student Reviewer: Maddy S.

The main characters in this book are David, a boy that has autism and has a lot of trouble with understanding how life works, and the main rules you have to follow.  He always goes to O.T. (occupational Therapy) a couple times a week. Another main character is Catherine! She is David's sister. She is all about making sure David is following ALL the rules she gives him. She loves art, and loves to help a boy named Jason that is in a wheelchair. She makes flashcards for him with pictures on it and helps him learn words. (She is very generous and tends to get very embarrassed in front of her brother David). Then the mom and the dad are just calm, cool, and collected. They always trust on Catherine to make sure David is doing what he is told, and following the rules.

I think that this book is a lot like this other book I read called "Eight Keys". I can connect to these two books because they both have the same aged characters, whose personalities are kind of alike. The character in the book "Eight Keys" always thinks she's good enough to complete her homework, or never can make a friend, or never gets to be the person who never gets forgotten best friend. She realizes that if she truly believes in herself all her doubts turn into accomplishments. So, I think that David is going to realize that even though he has autism he can still accomplish the same things somebody else can accomplish.

I really like this book because I can really put my feet into these character's shoes because they are the same age as me.  I also have the same amount of family members in my family. I like to really be able to understand the book well. I also have been really liking this book because it's cool to see the perspective of a boy with autism around my same age. He is different from me because I have a different personality from him.  But, it is still cool because you get to put yourself in another perspective!

The setting in my book is mainly a neighborhood and an O.T. office. A lot of the time in the book David has been going to O.T.  Then the other times the story takes place at their house, and Catherine's new neighbor Lindsey. I think whoever likes realistic fiction, different perspectives would really enjoy reading this book. It also has a great lesson in it.

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