Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Collapse: A Survival Thriller by Scott Carleton

Genre: Adult Thriller
Source: Purchased
Pages:  108

From Goodreads:
Based on real-life events this part action-thriller, part cautionary tale, Collapse is the story of one man’s fight to save the ones he loves when the tenuous fibers that hold society together become strained and begin to snap.
Matt Avery is put to the test as his entire city experiences a loss of electricity, failure of lines of communication, and civilian looting and violence. With a wife, daughter, and small circle of friends in his company, Matt’s survival skills and nerve are tested as he fights to protect his home and feed his family in the wake of disaster.
Matt must make difficult life and death determinations that no one ever hopes to face. Matt has been planning for this moment for years, but now that it is upon him, does he really have what it takes to survive?

My Thoughts:

Once I started this book I could not put it down.  I had to read it from beginning to end.  I have my students complete a creative writing assignment each year that puts the world in a position where things do not work and they must find a way to survive.  In this story when power goes out and civilians are told to stay home we see what can really happen.  It is scary to think that people will behave the way they do in the story. Unfortunately, whenever we have had any major catastrophe we see the ugly side of humanity.  The question is, are we really prepared?  I live in Florida and we have hurricanes.  We are told to keep a hurricane kit ready.  I know for a fact that the more time that goes by without a major hurricane the less we follow that directive.  The same goes with people who live in earthquake or fire prone zones.  History has demonstrated that when society hears the tornado sirens or tsunami sirens and nothing happens they get complacent.  With all of the technology we have today, do we rely on it so much that we won’t be able to function or survive?  I recommend this book to everyone.  It is terrifying on one hand and an eye opener on the other.  

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