Saturday, January 4, 2014

Student Saturday: Incarceron - Catherine Fisher

Student Reviewer: Jillian M.

Summary:  Incarceron is about two main characters named Finn and Claudia. Finn is inside the prison trying to escape with his oath brother and two other friends. The  thing is, the prison has a mind of its own. It thinks and controls everything in the prison. The prison  always watches with its millions of tiny, glowing, red eyes. Meanwhile, Claudia is outside the prison trying to help get him out because she thinks that Finn is Prince Giles, who she was supposed to marry since they both were seven years old. Eventually her friend, and tutor, Jared beams her into the prison to help Finn escape. Sadly, since there are only two keys that can get them out, only Finn and Claudia can get out. Jared is trying to fix the machine because Claudia's dad, the warden of the prison, took both keys and beamed himself into the prison, so they can't get back in to save their friends from the self-aware prison. Anyways, if they did get in they would have no way out unless they found her dad and took the keys back. The fate of Finn and his friends shall remain a mystery until the second book.

Most interesting thing that I learned form this book: The most interesting thing that I learned for Incarceron is that sometimes we do one thing and don't see the real consequences of our actions until it's too late to do anything about it. In this case it's the prison. Incarceron was created to help reform people that were bad, but in the end the prison is alive and has a ind of its own. What was intended to help people, instead ended up hurting people. What is alo interesting is that the prison is a result of a previous generation's actions, but continues to affect present and future generations.

I would recommend this book to a friend because I enjoyed the suspense, mystery, and the little twists to the story.

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