Saturday, February 1, 2014

Student Saturday: Chomp - Carl Hiaasen

Student Reviewer Ryan P.

This book review is about Chomp by Carl Hiaasen. The publisher of the book is Alfred A. Knopf. This book is published in 2013 and has 290 pages. This book is a fiction adventure because the characters go on an adventure into the Everglades and try to save a TV star. The author is a Florida writer. Every book he writes is about Florida.  I chose this book because I like the Everglades and I love the story Hoot.

The story is about a boy and a girl that tried to save their friend and a TV crew from a gun man. The first setting is Wahoo's house. The weird thing about Wahoo's house is that his house has snakes and alligator's in the backyard and his alligator bit his thumb off. The second setting is in the Everglades. The endless ways you could get lost, the endless trees, and plants to get lost in. In addition to Wahoo is his friend Tuna. Tuna is a friend of Wahoo and came on the expedition with Wahoo and Mickey. Oh, I forgot to tell you about Mickey. Mickey is Wahoo's father in the story. The producer calls Mickey because he has animals in his backyard that he thinks he can use them for his show, "Expedition Survival". The story is told by Wahoo. The story is light hearted adventure because no one dies and they go on an adventure throughout the forest of the Everglades.

The problem the characters Wahoo and Mickey are having is that they can't pay the mortgage cost because of all the caught animals and the food cost. Mickey loves catching animals with his son Wahoo. Raven Stark and Derek Badger want animals to be stage props for Derek Badger's show. Raven Start=k is Derek Badgers TV show manager,

In the beginning of the story, Wahoo and Mickey get a call from Raven Stark that she wants to borrow animals for her show as props. Wahoo said, "dad we need the money".  "OK" he said to Raven Stark. Then Raven Stark said "OK, I will be there." So when it was show tie Derek got ready for thew worst time of his life. He had to wrestle the eight foot long alligator named Alice. But, when it was time to wrestle Alice, Alice wrestled him. When he had enough Mickey got in ad saved his life and that led him to the Everglades. First Mickey caught a snake that bit Derek in five different places. Then when Derek was getting something to eat a bat bit him on the tongue. He had Mickey rip it off. His tongue was swollen for four days straight. Then Derek disappeared in the Everglades. Do you think Derek will survive through the Everglades?

The book was good because it was written by my favorite author Carl Hiaasen. To me there are no weaknesses. The book did hold my interest at the end of the story but not so much in the beginning. I learned that the Everglades is dangerous because i has snakes, alligators and wild hogs and I thought it was full of nature. I thought the end when Derek got lost in the Everglades was the best part of the story. I would like to recommend Chomp to people who like fiction adventure books.

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