Saturday, February 8, 2014

Student Saturday: The Garden of Eve - K.L. Going

Student Reviewer: Nina A.

The Garden of Eve by K.L. Going is a fascinating book filled with adventure and magic. It all starts off when Eve's mother dies from cancer. I wondered how could a ten year old girl live without her mother? Especially for ten months! Soon enough, Evie and her father move to Beaumont, New York. And that is when all the adventures and the magic begins. Do you believe in ghosts? Even if you don't have you ever had a feeling like you've seen one? Well you're not alone. Evie has seen someone who died a week ago in the graveyard next to her house. Was that person really dead? Turns out the boy is dead but when he touches anything, it feels solid. His name is Alex and he is also ten. Evie and Alex go through the "dead " woods to find a grave to plant a seed. It's not an ordinary seed. I asked myself, if the seed is magical, what will happen once the plant grows? This seed was given to Evie the night before her birthday from someone she has never met. When Eve's mother dies, it made me appreciate more than I already do.

Before her mother died she always told her beloved daughter, "When I die, there will be a garden and I will meet you there." With the seed Evie has, she hopes this seed will bring her to the garden where her mother is waiting for her. Will Evie be able to finally see her mom again? Or will she have to wait when her time comes? I definitely recommend this book. It is probably one of my favorites.

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