Saturday, February 22, 2014

Student Saturday: The Last Thing I Remember - Andrew Klaven

Student Reviewer: Dale Y.
I read the book The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan. It's about a sixteen year old boy who is kidnapped from his room while sleeping, but he did not feel anything...And he wakes up in a chair with straps, strapping both of his feet and hands. There are torture tools on a tray next to him and blood all over his t-shirt. He hears three men talking outside and he hears the one thing he did not want to hear, "kill him", said the boss man. Two men walk through the big metal door, one picks up a needle and says that the poison is strong enough to kill an adult in hours. Luckily he is a black belt and he loosens the straps and hits the guy in the spot no man ever wants to get hit, and he makes the man loosen the rest of these traps, and it's freedom for him. But, he has to escape the compound and run.
I think this is a great book and has many parts where you just want to keep reading.

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