Monday, March 31, 2014

Eleven Wonderful Picture Books

 Two books by Emily Thomson 

The illustrations in both books are beautiful.  The animals have that adorable, want to cuddle them look to them.

All the Baby Animals in the Wild
In this book  we learn about the animals that are in the wild . She has included the monkey, zebra, rhinoceros, a giraffe, hippo, tiger, hyena, elephant, antelope, and lion. The author has created a simple rhyming book that gives one or two characteristics of these wild animals.


All the Baby Animals in the Woods

In this second rhyming book we get a look at animals that live in the woods.  It also is written in a rhyming format. The animals in this book include a fawn, bear, flying squirrel, raccoon, owl, porcupine, fox, and lynx.  It also shows them cuddling with their mothers and talks about what they do as babies until they grow up. She has included a link to for a free coloring book.


Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience – Karen Poth
Bob and Larry are detectives. Larry carries around a stuffed badger to help him remain courageous They have to teach a new group called the Pod Squad to be great detectives.  Their first case they get a tip on the Masked Door Slammer.  There are too many of them to fit in the detective’s car so they take the Pod Squad van that breaks down.  This causes them to miss the Masked Door Slammer. The peas rolled down the hill and this causes Larry and Bob to use hateful words towards them.  They suddenly find themselves investigating another case.  They think they have caught the culprit only to discover things aren’t what they thought.  As they learn the truth they also learn how hurtful words can be if they aren’t used for good.  Great lessons in this book.


Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully – written by Jane Lovascio; story idea by Anna Stover

Bella and Casey meet their new neighbor a Doberman named Roscoe. When they say hello and welcome him he is hateful to them. They decide to try the next day. When their Frisbee accidently flies over the fence Roscoe refuses to give it back. Casey and Bella decide to walk to the park where they meet a wise owl named Opie. The owl tells them that Roscoe is a Bully. He explains what a bully is and how to deal with them.  This is a must read book.  See how Casey and Bella help stop bullying.  Then read the story behind the story that was originally written by 10 year old Anna Stover. The basic story line and ideas for stopping bullying are in both stories. This is a wonderful way to teach young kids what to do if they or someone they know are being bullied.


Cat Cabby – Christina Tran

Cassidy cat is a cab driver who falls asleep as he is driving. He picks up Ginger cat to take her to a birthday party.  Ginger has a plan to help Cassidy stay awake.  She is going to play music but forgets the music. She has to get to the bakery to get the cupcakes.  Cassidy starts the car and falls asleep but still gets her there safely.  Cassidy is very sorry.  Read this book to see how Cassidy’s friends help him with his problem and then read to learn the true story behind Cassidy Cat.



Hero Cat – Eileen Spinelli

Eileen Spinelli is one of my favorite children’s authors.  Hero cat is the story of a mother cat who entered a burning building five different times to save her kittens.  She brought them out one at a time.  This simple, short story is based on the news story of a cat who did just that.  For this reason she is considered a hero.



It Stinks to Be Pink – Kathryn L. Novak

On an island called Flora live creatures that are round, fluffy and brightly colored. They have black markings on their puffy bodies. The children go to school and then love to play in the beautiful flowers on their island.  All of the fuzzipuffs love to play outside except for Spotty.  Everyone thinks that Spotty doesn’t like them because he always seems sad or mad.  Spotty thinks no one likes him or wants to play with him because unlike the others he is pink. Spotty decides he is going to run away to the Dark Forest.  It is the only place they are forbidden to go.  Spotty finds a magical mirror?  Read this wonderful book about self – image to find out what happens to Spotty and the other fuzzipuffs.


Mia’s Tooth Fairy – Yosifia Porat

Mia is about to lose her first tooth. She is very excited that the tooth fairy will visit her. She talks with her friends about it.  She decides to write a letter to the tooth fairy to make sure she remembers to visit her after she loses her tooth.  When the letter is returned she makes a video and puts it on YouTube in hopes the tooth fairy will see it. Read to find out if Mia gets a visit form the tooth fairy.


Rainboy Full of Joy – Eli

This book was different.  Troy is a young boy who looks out the window and see something strange.  He is not sure whether he should tell his parents.  Rainboy speaks to him and tells him to come out and play.  He asks him what he would like to do then tells him to grab hold of his tail.  They are transported to the area Troy wished for.  After a while they meet two new friends, Ned and Ted.  Each of them get to make a wish and then it is time to go back home.  Read all about their adventures in this cute book. Then ask yourself, if Rainboy visited you, where would you wish to go?

All Sheep Love to Sing - Paula McBride
In this cute book all the sheep were practicing for the 'Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest'. That is all of the sheep except for the smallest one, Emlyn.  He was too shy to try to sing.  On the day of the great singing contest. Emlyn stands at the top of a mountain to hear better. Suddenly he spots danger.  Read this book to find out what he does to save the other sheep.  This was a cute book with wonderful pictures

Ten Busy Brownies - Talia Haven
This simple story is a counting book. It starts out with one little brownie guarding the dreams of children as they sleep. Then there are two brownies are cleaning up clothes and toys.  It continues adding a number and what the brownies are doing all the way up to ten.  In case you don't remember what  a brownie is, they are similar to goblins but usually live in houses and help out.  The story is delightful, the pictures are very colorful and give you something to sit with your child and have them find different things in the pictures. This is a great book to teach children to count to ten.

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