Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Reading Thing List

Well this is going to be an interesting challenge.  I have several books I need to read and review over the next few months.  I’ve gotten behind in reading with everything going on at school and at home.  So I am using this challenge and Spring Break to give me a hand up in meeting my goals.  I can guarantee you that this list will change over time.  Partly because I am not adding all of the books I need to read.
 This may look like a lot but in actuality I read and post reviews several times a week.

Picture Books
It Stinks to be Pink – Kathryn L. Novak
Queen-a-Bella Finds a Best Friend – Lisl Fair & Nina De Polonia
Not Another Boring ABC Book – Sharon Cohen
All Sheep Love to Sing – Paula McBride
Chickens In Birthday Suits – Nancy Mauerman
Truthy Ruthy – Sari Barel
Goodnight Farm Animals – Sharlene Alexander
Hero Cat – Eileen Spinelli
Mia’s Tooth Fairy – Yosifia Porat
Case and Bella Face Their First Bully – Anna Stover
Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience – Karen Poth

Middle Grade/Young Adult
Time Square: The Shift – S.W. Lothian
The Take Back of Lincoln Junior High – Roseanne Cheng
I Don’t Wanna Be an Orange Anymore – Hank Kellner
This Star Won’t go Out – Esther Earl
The Rise of Mallory – Roy Huff
TouchDown Tony Crowne and the Mystery of the Missing Cheerleader – Petery Guy George
The Case of Secrets – Alfred M. Struther
Sacket’s Harbor Powder Monkey – Hope Irwin Marston
Eye on the Iditarod Aisleys Quest – Hope Irwin Marston
Across the Tumen – Moon Young-Sook
Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain
The Sphere – Kevin Turner

Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe – Barbara Miller
The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese
They Way of Grace – Cathy Bryant
Pilgrimage of Promise – Cathy Bryant
First Light – Alec Frost


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  2. It looks like an interesting list. I will be interested to see what you think of those adult selections. Thanks for hosting.