Friday, April 25, 2014

Fantasyland - D.J. Starling

Genre: Adult, Romance
Source: I received a copy for review in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

 This was a wonderful love story. From the minute Rick and Sandi meet the love story blossoms.  Not always the way you think it should or will.  Sandi first falls for Rick when she is eleven years old. Rick was the teen idol hanging on so many bedroom walls.  Remember those days? Sandi is so obsessed she dreams of going to college in California in hopes of one day meeting him. Her father raised her and her brother after her mom died. They always played a game using song lyrics.  This kind of made me think of the show my mom watches NCIS where one of the characters is always spouting movie lines from old movies.  Sandi’s father always encouraged her to follow her dreams.  After he passes away she does just that. She moves to California to go to college. Once there she meets a gorgeous guy named Paul and falls for him.  Imagine her surprise when she learns that he is actually her teen idol all grown up. Their relationship in the beginning is complicated yet moves along at a realistic pace. As we get further into the book we find there is also heartache.  This is not unrealistic, yet borders on it.  It is a great book for those of us who want to believe in our romantic dreams.

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