Sunday, April 20, 2014

Great Lessons in Picture Books

Joey and the Net – Amos Ordan
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Source: I received a copy for review from the author

The book starts out talking about a fish called a tilapia. I enjoyed the information the author gave about the fish. It is one of my favorite types of fish to eat, yet until I read this book, I knew nothing about it. The story is about Mam, a mother tilapia who carries her babies in her mouth to keep them safe. She lets them out from time to time but makes them swim back in when danger is present. They all obey except little Joey. He likes hiding. One day they see a worm dangling from a hook. All of the babies except Joey swim into Mam’s mouth. Joey is about to take a bite of the worm when his mom slaps him with her fin. She tells him of the danger. The next day she is so determined to keep Joey in her mouth that she doesn’t see a net that has been dropped in front of her. When she cries out Joey swims out. Joey convinces his siblings to swim out and help to save their mom. You must read the book to find out how they save her. This was a wonderful book and there was even a link to the video book at the end of it.

Maya and Filippo Look for Whales – Book and Coloring Book
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a review copy in exchange for my hones review
Maya & Filippo live and travel on the cruise ship the Fun Princess, with their parents and cat. ON this trip we find them visiting Ketchikan, Alaska. Maya wants to see whales on this trip. Their first tour stop takes her and her brother to a native village. Filippo loved the totem poles, but Maya thought they were boring. All she wanted to do was see a whale. She listens to the story of one totem pole that was about a man trying to catch fish. He  wasn’t having any luck so he pretended he had caught lots of different fish. He finally caught a salmon who told him if he would put him back then he would soon have many fish. The Review native put the salmon king back in the water and soon caught many salmon. Maya listened to the story and decided to pretend she was watching whales.  Id she get to see whales? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. While you are at it this book also has a wonderful matching coloring book. It is full of scenes from the book.

Maya and Filippo Find Happiness in Tauranga
Genre: Children's Picture Book
Source: I received a review copy in exchange for my honest review

On this trip Maya and Filippo travel to a small town in New Zealand called Tauranga.  Maya slept in on this morning. Her brother ate breakfast with his parents. He had five cups of chocolate mousse because his parents weren’t paying attention.  When Maya got up there was none left. She blamed Filippo for eating it all and he blamed her for his stomach ache.  Their mother made them leave the ship and explore Tauranga. They went separate directions. Maya visited a Maori village and watched the dancers. One of the dancers saw how sad she was.  Maya told her what had happened with her brother.  The dancer explained everyone was responsible for their own happiness and how they reacted to things they didn’t like.  Filippo visited a geyser.  When a young boy gets mad at him because he won’t play ball with him and he is bored, Filippo screams it is not his job to make him happy.  Can you guess what lessons Maya and Filippo learn from this experience?  Check out the book to find out.

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