Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Morgan Kane Without Mercy – Louis Masterson

Genre: Adult, Western, Action, Adventure
Source: I purchased a copy

I grew up watching westerns on television. I can honestly say that this is the first western novel I’d ever read. It took me back many years. The main character, Morgan Kane is a Teas ranger. He finds himself seeking revenge. While trying to bring a man in, he is forced to kill him. The man’s brother and friends set out to “make things right”. They know his weaknesses for women, alcohol and gambling, and they use these to lure him in. After losing a very large sum of money in a poker game he’s lured onto a train platform by a beautiful woman. Once there he is shot. He falls from the train but doesn’t die. After he heals, his mission is to go after the four people who tried to end his life. This is fast and steady in pace and adventure. The characters are very believable. When I learned that this was translated from Norwegian I was shocked that the author definitely knew what the old west was like here. This is definitely a series to look out for.

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