Saturday, April 19, 2014

Student Saturday: Grayson - Lynne cox

Student Reviewer: Sarah

Grayson is a wonderful book about a baby gray whale who has lost his mother and a girl who finds him around a California harbor. The girl is adamant to help the calf. The girl is very strong, determined, courageous and a kind person. She develops a strong connection with the baby whale. She finds herself following the baby whale everywhere, even all the way out to an oil rid, while swimming freestyle the whole time! While following the baby whale for more than half of the day, the girl comes face to face with many marine animals. Some of the animals she encounters are feisty stingrays, graceful manta rays, playful dolphins and of course the majestic mother whale. I connect the most with the girl because she and I both are caring. She is also very reflective and I think that I too am reflective. She and I both just want to find the true meaning of life. The girl is definitely a risk-taker, however I do not think that I am. I think that this book is very inspirational, heart warming and wonderful I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to people who like non-fiction about animal relationships.

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