Saturday, May 10, 2014

Student Saturday: The Batboy - Mike Lupica

Student Reviewer Arjun

I just finished reading The Batboy by Mike Lupica. Mike Lupica is a sports writer for the New York Times. The Batboy is about this four-teen year old boy who's father was a professional baseball player. When his parents got divorced, the boy, Ben, gets a job as a batboy for the Detroit Tigers as a summer job. His mom Liz Dudley, is tired of being around baseball after her husband left. When Ben is a batboy, he meets an all time great, Hank Bishop. Hank was one of the best players that the MLB had, until people found out he took drugs (PED) performance enhancing drugs. Now, after a fifty game suspension, he is now back to baseball. Ben really wants to hang out with his idol, Hank Bishop. Since Hank doesn't like company, he is getting frustrated thinking Ben is trying to bother him. Ben asked many other players what was wrong with Hank. Some players say that he is just getting used to being back to baseball and just wants his own space. When Ben tries to help Hank he always gets criticized for not doing it perfect. For example, when Hank broke his fifth bat of the game, Ben went in to the Tigers locker room to get a new bat. When Ben gave Han a new bat, Hank started yelling at Ben to do something right for once, An unlikely friendship builds when Hand shows Ben the correct way to swing a bat when Ben is having trouble hitting the ball on hiss travel team. When Ben is watching baseball downstairs, his mom, Liz Dudley, comes down and watches the game with Ben.  Ben knows something is up because his mom never wants to get near baseball.  When Hank Bishop comes up to bat, Liz Dudley starts to smile. Ben asks her why she is smiling and she fesses up. Liz told Ben that she likes Mr. Bishop.

An unlikely friendship builds between a boy in need of a father, and a man in need of a family. I liked this book because I like baseball and I think Mike Lupica is a great author. This book was awesome

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