Saturday, May 31, 2014

Student Saturday: Figure in the Frost - Lana Perez

Student Reviewer: Hailey M.

The book, Figure in the Frost, takes place in the city of Curston. Curston is located in the middle of an imaginary forest. Moyra and her friends Kellach and Driskoll live in Curston and like most of its inhabitants are used to Curston's warm, mostly sunny weather. One day, Curston starts snowing, which hasn't happened in at least 200 years. Rumors are going around Curston that the fearsome winter wolves are circling the city walls. Even worse, the traders have not arrived with the much-needed winter supplies they were supposed to bring, and the local wizard, Zendric is missing! A mysterious trader named Fridjof shows up at Curston's gates with luxurious winter supplies and only wants one thing in return, a diamond in the possession of Moyra. Moyra thinks he is somehow connected to Zendric's disappearance, and is reluctant to give up the diamond. Moyra and her friends must discover the truth, find Zendric, and save Curston.

I feel bad for all of the residents of Curston. They probably don't have any winter supplies, as they haven't needed them, and now there are blizzards. Most of Curston's residents are poor, and do not even have fireplaces or warm blankets. They are probably freezing, and no one can help them.
Zendric probably could have stopped the blizzards with magic, but he is missing. The traders could have brought warm blankets, matches, and firewood, but they are not in Curston. On top of it all, they come close to getting the things they need from Fridjof, and then find out they can't have them unless Moyra is willing to sacrifice her precious diamond. That would just be plain awful!

I connect with this book in many ways. Most of the citizens of Curston (except for the really old ones) have only seen snow a few ties, if ever. I have only seen snow twice in my life. I love to play in the snow when it is available, like Moyra, who loves snow forts and snowball fights. I would recommend this nook to anyone who enjoys reading about make-believe stories filled with adventure. This book was not hard to read, and I enjoyed it very much. I think it is appropriate for children ages ten and up. Figure in the Frost was a really good book!

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