Saturday, May 3, 2014

Student Saturday: The Last Thing I Remember - Andrew Klavan

Student Reviewer: Kaden

For the past few weeks I have been reading, The last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan and I have got to say, it is one of the very few fiction books I'm actually interested in. The main character, Charlie West is a hard working kid who wakes up literally in a nightmare. He is strapped to a chair nailed into the ground and he hears a voice that says, "Kill him!" He is just stuck there trying to remember the last thing he remembers and that's the interesting part. The last thing he remembers is going to bed and staring at his girlfriend;s number he got earlier that day. In the nightmare it is gone so therefore I predict over a year has passed from the last thing he remembers and they gave him some pill to make him forget what happened. I look forward to reading the next three books in this series and would recommend it to all action and cliff hanger lovers.

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