Saturday, May 17, 2014

Student Saturday: The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Student Reviewer: Aeryn

I adored this book. From the moment I started reading questions popped into my mind and I felt like I was there watching Thomas. This book has a wonderful mysterious setting that gets you wondering. I think this book has you going through the solutions trying to figure out the solution to the problem so that the suspense  will stop. There are so many variables that it is so hard to find out the answer until the book tells you.

Thomas is the main character in this book. He has a curious personality and seems to have a knack forgetting himself in trouble. Thomas also does some extremely brave things that tend to be partly stupid also. He is around sixteen years old with brown hair. The book also says that Thomas is around five foot nine feet tall. Nobody can really tell how old they are because everybody in the Glade lost all of their memories except for their name.

The Glade is the setting of the book. It is in the middle of a giant maze. The Glade is several times the size of a football field and is surrounded by four gray stone walls that are a perfect square around the court yard. Each wall has an opening  in the middle of it and before nightfall every night giant stone slabs slide into place to cover the openings from the horror outside the walls.

The whole story started with Thomas sitting in the cold dark box for who knows how long waiting to get out The group of boys pull him out of the box into his new life in the Glade. Thomas is overwhelmed at first trying to figure out what all of these new terms mean and what everyone is talking about. Then a runner runs into the Glad and is on the brink of exhaustion. Thomas finds him and immediately gets interested in the works of the runners. The runners job is to try and find a way out of the maze.  So far there is nothing. One day Thomas wandered upon the graveyard and he heard something rustle in the bushes. A crazed kid jumped out and tried to kill Thomas all because the kid thought Thomas would ruin them all. A horrible fate befell this kid.  Only a few days passed and another kid showed up and she was the last one ever to come up in the Glade through the box. This girl helped them figure out the maze but there were still some major kinds in the plan. will the gladers be able to smooth out the kinks and find their way home or will they have to stay there forever?

I would recommend this book to people who love suspense in a book. this book is a cliff hanger. Every chapter adds something to the problem. I also think that people have a knack for solving problems would enjoy this book. I think this because the whole book is a huge problem and variables just keep adding and adding on until finally it's solved. People who like to solve problems will get the joy of solving a problem in the form of a really good book. I know that I really enjoyed this book so I think plenty others will too.

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