Saturday, May 24, 2014

Student Saturday: Out of the Dust - Karen Hess

Student Reviewer: Nina

Out of the Dust is a heart touching book. It will make you feel the pain Billie Jo is in right now. Billie Jo loved her mother and her father,  but mostly the piano. She played it all day long. She was a very good student. Everything was going just fine for Billie Jo until one night when her father felt like he had too much money so he went out drinking. Billie Jo and her mother were cooking dinner when her mother accidentally poured kerosene onto the stove thinking it was water. The father put it there The mother was covered in fire while poor Billie Jo was beating the fire down off of her mother with her bare hands.  Mother was alright, just a little bunt. But, Billie Jo's hands were crippled and burnt really bad. The mother died giving birth to her son. The son went along with her. After that day Billie Jo hasn't been talking much. Her father won't say a word. He works in the field hoping the dust would go away. Ever since the mother died, the dust has been rising. People have been dying from it and nobody can go outside. Billie Jo works hard at school, and trying to run her house which doesn't feel like home to her anymore I highly recommend this book because it pulls certain connections with you and this book. When b=Billie Jo was having a hard time, a feeling of sympathy came to me. This has never happened to me before, I have read many other books about the mother being dead, but the connections weren't made. It takes you back to 1934- 1935. Will Billie Jo ever move on after her mother's death and will she be able to play the piano?

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