Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Case of Secrets - Alfred M. Struthers

Genre:  Middle Grade, Mystery
Source: Review Copy from author

Mysteries have always been my favorite genre. I was excited to review this book.  I had no idea what I was in for. Take one kid named Nathan who hates attics, spiders and books and put him in a situation where he must take something upstairs to the attic for his mother. Brought back memories of when my mother would make me take things upstairs to a closet. We all hated that closet because it was spooky. With Nathan he runs into lots of creepy spider webs and then a mysterious book falls on the floor in front of him.

Now imagine, this boy who hates to read can't seem to put this book down once he has started it. You have the start to a great mystery. Give him a brainy sidekick named Gina to help him and now you have a great mystery.

The author did such a wonderful job I almost believed the story was true. The feeling I felt while reading this book took me back to my years in elementary and middle school where you could always find me in the mystery section of the library. I love architecture so learning some new architectural words made this book even more enjoyable. I loved both characters.

Nathan and Gina had been neighbors for years. Gina had an attitude that came off as though she was better than Nathan. Seeing him out think her at times was satisfying. I also enjoyed learning more about his grandfather and the way the author tied up the loose ends only to leave us wanting to read more. I do hope I was vague enough to make you want to read this book.

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