Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Painted From Memories by Barbara Forte Abate

Genre: Adult, Literary Fiction
Source:  I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.

As I started this book I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  The book is written in such a way you must continue to read.  You have multiple story lines throughout that are all intwined. We find Cat, a young scarred woman who has recently married.  She has never told her husband of her past for fear he will find her hideous.  As a child she watched her  parents constantly fight. It culminated in her father killing her mother and then taking his own life.  Her younger sister who was only two at the time never spoke again. 

Then we have the glimpses into her life after her parent’s death.  She and her sister are taken from the orphanage to live with a couple.  You get from the short clips of memory that they were treated no better than slaves.   All these things she’s kept hidden from her husband Gray.  But hers are not the only secrets. Things take a drastic turn when  a man named Rance steps up on her porch. 

There is so much I could tell you but don’t won’t to.  I’ve left out so many things so that you the reader will need to  read the book.  The book is written with such great emotion that you are Cat as that young child, hiding while her parents fight.  I felt Cat’s pain, fear, isolation, and lonliness.  This is one of those books where you feel such emotion and want things to turn out well for her.  Barbara has once again taken the reader, thrown them  into the middle of a situation letting them fend for themselves for a while before throwing them life saver.  Well done.

You can learn more about Barbara from her website here.


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