Saturday, June 7, 2014

Student Saturday: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Student Reviewer: Rim

I just finished reading Divergent.  Possibly the best book I've ever read! The main characters are: Beatrice (Tris), and Tobias (Four). Tris is the main character in this book. She is the one who chose Dauntless for her new faction. She is divergent (as the title says). Divergent in the book means she is more than one faction when she is supposed to be only one. The faction is basically what you are. First you grow up in a faction, then you find out what you really are, then you choose what faction you want to be at the age of sixteen. The factions are: Dauntless (brave), Amity (peaceful), Candor (honest), Erudite (intelligent), and Abnegation (selfless). Tobias is the trainer who helps Tris and all the other transfers become Dauntless ad goes with Tris and her adventures. He is eighteen and has a mysterious past. Jeanine who is the leader of Erudite wants to kill all divergent including Tris. The basic point of this book is that Tris is in Dauntless making friends and regrets and slowly discovering what Erudite really is. My connection with this book is that living your life normally while everyone is just feeding you lies until you understand  what the lies are. I love the concept in this book. The back stories, the surprises, just everything. The setting is in the Abnegation territory in the beginning ad the dauntless territory in the end. I would recommend this book to everyone!! If you can't read I will teach you how to because you ed to read this!!!!!

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