Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Extravaganza Day 1

I have been receiving a lot of children's picture books to review.  On my Kindle I had a lot of them. I decided to spend a week reading them and writing reviews for them.  I am going to have three days this week where I will post multiple picture book review at one time. Check back on Thursday and Saturday for more picture book reviews.

The Pacifier Tree – Uncle Amos
Johnny is a 3 year old who attends preschool.  Johnny sucks on his pacifier everywhere he goes. His mother knows she’s not the only mother with this problem. She comes up with a plan and calls the other mothers. You really need to read this book to find out what great idea Johnny’s mom came up with to get him to give up his pacifier.


The Night of the Great Polar Bear – Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson

Let me start by saying that not only is this a wonderful story, but the illustrations are gorgeous. Little Bear decided to hunt with Kalle the Great Polar Bear. Little Bear felt lucky to see the beauty of the night. It also made him feel brave. When the wind picks up Little bear continues until the ground beneath him disappears and he falls into the big ocean. He is pulled from the water by a large polar bear. What lessons will Little Bear learn from Kalle the Great Polar Bear? I read this book over and over. Great for teaching about being passionate for your dreams.


That’s How Much I Love You – Lisa Tawn Bergren
Such a sweet book about a mother and child’s love for each other. The characters are dogs. They proceed to compare their love for each other to different items such as the stars or grains of sand.


Who, Who, Who Are You? – Bobby Bishop

Oxford the owl was afraid of the dark. He decides to face his fears. He flies off into the night and meets several new friends. He discovers that things weren’t as scary as he supposed they were.


Anna and the Magic Paintbrush – Chris Blackley
Anna lives in the mountains in Russia. She shows kindness to an old man by giving him some water. He presents her with a magic paintbrush. She can use it three times. What will Anna paint? Will she use it wisely or squander it? Great lesson of the rewards of helping others.


The Boy With No Friends – Alexis Chacon
Pengui is sad because he has no friends. He sees two boys and tries to make friends with them. They only want to be friends if he will do what they say. They want him to smoke.  Pengui walks away because he wants to do what is right and knows that those two boys are not true friends. Read to find out if Pengui ever finds a friend.


Bubba The Bulldog Tries to Smile – Bree Clausen
Bubba wanted to make Rya happy. He wanted to smile. Since he was a bulldog his lips were so heavy he couldn’t make it happen. After Ryan broke his leg it became even more important for him to make Ryan smile. Read this book to discover what lengths this dog will go to just to smile for his owner.


The Adventures of Pigallito – Ronald and Olga Darling
I loved this book. One reason is because it’s a great story about believing in the impossible, going after his dreams. Pigallito finds fun and beauty in life. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Great story. The illustrations are bright, cheery and colorful.


Derek the Fireless Dragon – Kathryn Dionne
Derek was a dragon unable to breathe fire. He became so embarrassed he went to the top of a mountain. The thin air caused him to sneeze and realize he could fly. This is just one of many cute poems. Others include aliens, a big frog that just needs love. My favorite was probably “Baby Tucker”. When he asks his mom if it’s a girl can he exchange her.  It brought back memories of my sister asking my mom if we could give our baby sister back to the hospital. These poems are simple. Some have morals, some are full of sensory details and imagery. This would be a wonderful way to introduce your young one to poetry.


Bee Witched – Julia Dweck

This is a wonderful story about a young girl named Beetrice who loves bees. She dresses like a bee. Her favorite grade is a “B”. One day her class goes on a picnic. Beatrice sits watching the bees, wishing she was a bee. After swallowing a drop of honey from a strange hive, her wish comes true. You must read this book to find out what “bee-comes” of Beetrice.


Mary Had a Sleepy Sheep – Julia Dweck
All of us remember the nursery rhyme, “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. In this story Mary has a lamb named Sheppard Sheep and all he did was sleep. Dancing, turning the lights up bright, hosing it down with water didn’t help keep the sheep awake. How will Mary wake her sheep or should she just let him sleep? The book also contains some activities at the back of the book.


Mattie Monster Is Not Tired  Anne Emerick

Mattie Monster reminded me so much of my grandson Jacob. I’ve laid him down for naps only to hear him singing, playing with his stuffed puppy, clapping his hands and doing other things. This was such a charming book. Mattie Monster is told to go to bed.  He tries really hard to do what his mom tells him to. But, what do you do when you are not tired?


The Day I Met Dr. Seuss – Anne Emerick
Dr. Seuss was a fabulous writer. This author has written a story whose main character, a little girl wonders what makes Dr. Seuss special. Unsatisfied with a reply she receives from Dr. Seuss’s secretary she goes to visit him. A wonderful story that I have enjoyed reading over and over.


Brian the Book – Andre Klein
Brian is a very happy, good book. When he gets to the library the shelves are all empty. He finds the books at the dock. They describe a horrible machine that eats batteries for breakfast. Brian sits out to find this machine. Find out what lesson he learns when he finally meets the e-reader machine.


Bedtime Little Bear – John Lancer
When Little Bear’s mom calls for him to come home because it is tie for bed, Little Bear ignores her. He plays in leaves. When his mouse friend tells hi he heard mother bear calling, Little bear chooses to ignore Mouse. He continues to ignore his friends because he’s having too much fun. What happens when the sun goes down and things look scary? This is another great story with a gentle lesson.


Polar Brrr’s Big Adventure – Bruce Lansky
This is a beautiful picture book. There are no words. What a great way to involve children in the story telling process. A young polar bear is sent off to take a gift to someone special. He faces several problems along the way.  Read this wonderful book to see what challenges he must face.

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