Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer Extravaganza Day 2

This is the second day of picture book reviews.  Sit back and see what is available for your little one.

Caterpillars Don’t Check Email – Calee M. Lee

This is a simple story that explains how caterpillars become butterflies. It is full of beautiful photographs. This book is short and simple.


The Queen and the Cats – Calee M. Lee

This is the story of Empress Helena, mother of Constantine. In the story when she visits Cypress with a holy gift she realizes the people are unable to worship in their church because of snakes. The Empress sends a gift to Cypress that will make it possible for people to worship once again.  Read this historical book to find out what gift she sends and with whom she trusts the gift.


We Love Bugs – Calee M. Lee

This is a book of thirty-one poems about bugs. These range from nursery rhymes we remember as a child, “Little Miss Muffet”,  to those I was not familiar with. Read wonderful poems by well  known poets like Emily Dickinson and John Keats. This is a great book to share with your children or grand-children.


Harley the Alligator – Stacie Murphy

Harley was an alligator who loved to swim as fast as she could through the water. One day she was going so fast she couldn’t stop. She slammed into a tree and knocked out a tooth. She was afraid of what the other alligators would think. Read to find out what Harley learns about teeth.


The Nutt Family – Angela Muse

Nutt family Hazel and Fillbert, along with their children Chess and Praline lived in an old Maple tree. The children tied leaves around their necks like capes and pretended to be superheroes. One day a woodpecker, pecking on their home caused Chess to fall from his knothole. His sister Praline jumped out to help him. Soon they found themselves in a real life adventure. This is a wonderful story. I loved the way the author gave each acorn the name of a different type of nut. When I read about them tying leaves around their necks, I was reminded of my sisters and I tying scarves around our necks pretending we could fly as we jumped off of the porch. I also loved the facts at the end of the book about acorns.  Even though I grew up with lots of oak  trees, yet I was still able to learn a lot from this book.


Sparkly Me – Ally Nathaniel

This is a cute book for four to five year olds. This is perfect for the girl who likes all things sparkly. This book teaches them that all the glitter on the outside doesn’t matter. It’s what is on the inside that matters.


Happypotamus – Jason Plassard

This is the story of two very different animals, Walter the Whinceros and Hailey the Happypotamus. Hailey and Walter had similar life experiences. Hailey chose to look at the positive while Walter always looked at the negative. Hailey also trusted God to take care of her.


Carnivors – Aaron Reynolds

I have to say that the book cover is what drew me to this book. The lion, great white shark, and the timber wolf are carnivores. They eat other animals. It bothers them that the other animals talk bad about them. They come up with several plans. When they try them out they discover they need a better plan, How will they solve this problem?




Fumbulgumbul – Jason Sandberg

Mister Gumbul makes delicious cookies. They smell so good he’s followed by a poodle just waiting for him to drop one. When he comes to a puddle he gets a ladder to climb over the puddle. The poodle returns. What will happen? Will the poodle finally get some cookies?


Silly Tilly – Eileen Spinelli

Tilly we learn is a silly goose who does silly things like bathing in apple juice. She combed her feathers with a rake. After all the silly things she did the other barnyard animals had finally had enough. The question you must now discover  is what will happen around the farm with Tilly no longer acting silly.


Tinky and the Baby Butterflies – Susan Spira

Mommy butterfly needed a babysitter and asked if Tinky would do it. Tinky was to keep the babies safe at home. What do you think will happen when they play a simple game of hide-and-seek?


How Oakley Lost His Spots – D.C. Swain

One day Rover asks Oakley where his spots are. Both dogs are dalmatians so Oakley knows he should have spots. He looks all over for them thinking he has lost them. His mother explains when the time is right, he will get his spots, but Oakley doesn’t want to wait. This is a great story about trying to grow up too fast.


I’ll Follow the Moon  Stephanie Lisa Tara

This is a very vivid book full of sensory words that help you understand what happens when turtles hatch. It is told from the baby turtle’s point of view. The common thread is that they follow the moon to get back to the ocean. The language is as beautiful as the pictures. Great way to teach young and old about sea turtles.


Kitty is Looking for Friends – Anat Umansky

This is the story of a kitty looking for a friend to play with. Each animal that offers to play with her is rejected for one reason or another. Will Kitty learn what it takes to be a friend or will she forever remain lonely?


The Camera Shy Monster – Susette Williams

Brooke didn’t like having her picture taken. She makes friends with Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, who also hates to have her picture taken. They decide to hide all day and night. When she gets hungry Nessie tries to bring her food. When they hear people coming they hide again. Soon they realize they can’t stay hidden forever. Read to find out how they solve their problem.


The Day My Parents Got Lost – Susette Williams

A trip to the fair causes distress for a young boy when he loses his parents. He was checking out a game and when he turned around his parents were gone. He checks everywhere and finally stops security for help finding them. This was a wonderful twist on parents losing their child. Great way to teach a lesson.

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