Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Cat Does My Homework and Other Poems for Children - Isabella Johnson

What happens when a first grader writes poetry?  You get something fantabulous like this.

This collection of twelve poems, written by a young child, will delight readers ages 1-­9 and at the same time, show them that you do not have to be an adult to write poetry! Whether you are teaching children about poetry or simply enjoy reading poems to a child, this book is for you.

My Thoughts:
I first learned about this book from Isabella. She is my student and just nonchalantly mentioned that she had a book published. It seems her parents published her book of poetry when she was in first grade. She is in sixth grade now. I am pleased to say that a lot of her poems are great examples of metaphors. What a great resource/example to use for teaching the use of figurative language, especially in poetry.  Her topics range from bugs, to cats and everything between.  I have to say that I absolutely can not wait to see her writing this year.  I truly see great things coming from this young lady who is so passionate about her writing.

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