Monday, September 15, 2014

Desperate Reflections by Shay West


Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Source: I received an electronic copy to help facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own 
In This final book in the series, you can find reviews of the first and second book here and here,  we find Alexis Davenport dealing with even more issues.  She has broken up with her long-time boyfriend.  It was funny that it bothered her to find out through social media they were broken up, after she had ignored him for more than a month.  She has finally been given the okay to get her learner’s permit.  This is something everyone has joked about for a long time.  She, her mom and aunt have finally reached a point where she has set hours and expectations at her job, so that she has time for friends and a social life.  Things are going well until she learns her mom has a boyfriend.  I found this section to be absolutely hilarious.  She began to act like a spoiled little kid who couldn’t have her way.  There was a reason, an underlying cause for her behavior, which eventually comes out.

Then we get to the meat and potatoes of this book.  Her ability to travel back in time to stop things from happening that would change and have an adverse effect on history.  The reasons behind the Drifter’s plan to stop her become clear.  She has learned to use her gift to find the Traveler and is shocked to learn he doesn’t live in the past, he lives in the present and through a mistake he now knows who she is, and is set on coming after her. He will do whatever it takes to her family to get to her.

I sat up to finish the book.  I could not sleep until I read the last page.  I have recommended the series to our media specialist at school and will soon have all three copies on my own classroom shelves.  I wanted to wait until all three were out.  I have students who hate when a book comes out and they have to wait forever to read the next one in the series.  This is a series you want to read from cover to cover.  I can only hope that Shay West comes out with something new soon.  She is one of my favorite new authors.

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