Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hunger For Atlantis by Pandora

Genre: Adult, Realistic Fiction
Source: I was gifted a copy. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads
“Hunger For Atlantis” is simply: The Individual’s Struggle Against Authority. 

Danicka, the owner of a kindergarten, bans toys and inspires preschool children to work, but is she a dictator or a liberator? Stanzie inherits a billion-dollar empire. Armed with a ‘progressive’ education, will she save the Company from disaster, or will she pave the way with good intentions?

The younger generation is clashing against the older . . . colleges and schools are self-destructing . . . teachers and professors are fighting for survival . . . wireless electricity threatens to change the world in the new Age of Atoms . ..

My Thoughts:

I’d like to say I loved this book but I didn’t, but I also didn’t hate it.  In the beginning Stanzie came across to me as a very dumb woman who had married a man only for what he could give her financially.  When her husband dies suddenly and she is put in charge of his company that has always been run by “the good ol’ boys” standard. She lets them know that she may not know as much as they do, but she will learn.  I loved her pairing the opposite sides of the education issue.  Although I would not go so far to believe that we should get rid of higher education, after all I am a teacher, I believe that we need to stop spoon feeding our students a watered down education.   I thought it funny that Stanzie hired a former chicken farmer/editor of his magazine to run the opposite side of the publishing campaign.  I felt a lot of things were repeated.  My only pet peeve was the constant use of “expectorated in an officious manner, coughing politely.” I don’t really know why that phrase grated on me so much.   Over all it was an okay book.

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