Saturday, October 18, 2014

Student Saturday: Janitors By Tyle Whitesides

Student Reviewer: Luis O.

Genre: Fantasy
Source: I picked up this book because I thought it was funny and it was. (There’s a janitor on the cover of the book

The book started in a school where there was a kid called Dez and a little kid called Spencer. Dez used to spit balls of paper at kids, but he stopped. There was a sub on the first day of school. So Dez spit a ball of paper on a girl’s desk. She screamed and flicked it away to Spencer. He got it and threw it somewhere, not anywhere any one could get it. People said that Dez was going to get into trouble. Dez didn’t care, he wanted the sub to take him to the office by the hand. The sub came in and heard everything. She ws taking Dez to the office…Not holding his hand. I recommend people who are into fantasy with a drop of humor to read this. I recommended it to my sister because she’s into humor and fantasy.

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