Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Three Children's Books by Kyle Fuhrer and Illustrator Bethany Tallack

Billy Bob the Dog & Torkelson Turtle in: The Ancient Art of Asking

Fiddler’s Green is hopping.  Everyone is busy. That is everyone except Goober Ninja.  He can’t find anything to do.  He wants to have fun but everyone is too busy.  The town had a major problem. They were too busy to play, but too afraid to ask anyone for help.  Goober decided to use his super ninja powers to help his friends.  Each time he helped out the mob of people chasing him grew. How could he be in so much trouble just for helping? What will happen when he finds himself in a dead in alley?  Maybe they both have a lesson to learn.

Good Food Gone Bad

Billy Bob the Dog and Torkelson the Turtle are cops in Fiddler’s Green.  Hypnotherapy was the evilest villain they had to deal with. When Bob and Torkelson’s friend Smallfridge tells them he thinks it would be fun to eat nothing but junk food, Hypnotherapy decides to steal all of the healthy food in Fiddler’s Green. Hypnotherapy hypnotizes all of the store owners. They lock away the healthy food leaving only juk food. Everone ate so much junk food they got fat and lazy. This allowed Hypnotherapy to play tricks on everyone. Luckily for fiddler’s Green Torkelson the Turtle didn’t eat junk food. It was up to him to save Fiddler’s Green.

The Magical Imagination of Smallfridge: The Leap of Space

Smallfridge is a young boy who likes to bounce on his bed before going to sleep each night. On one particular night he bounces himself into space where he has all kinds of adventures.  He visits the Moon, Mars and Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto. He drinks milk from the Milky Way then catches a ride back to Earth on a shooting star. This is a simple story with simplistic illustrations that make it a great bedtime story.

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