Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Books By Francois Bissonette

Genre:  Children's Picture Books
Source:  I received copies to help facilitate my review, the opinions expressed here are my own.

Nanook is the twin brother of seven year old Naloo.  The author has created the same book but one with Nanook as the main character and one with Naloo as the main character.  I am assuming that this is so you can read the book to the gender of child you have.  Each of them go for a walk and find a large rock with a symbol on it. When they trace the symbol with their finger they are transported to Ziron Land.  Here they meet Ziggy who takes them to their village.  The Zirons all live in giant fruits and vegetables.  They realize that even though the sky is yellow with orange clouds and blue rubber rocks, and the flowers grow giant sized, the Zirons are all very friendly.

We have the same setup in Titan the Talking cloud. When the  twins return to the Land of Ziron they ask if the place is always sunny.  Moffi tells them sometimes they have big storms and they have talking clouds. There are four talking clouds. Cyclone, Tornado and Hurricane are the green, red, and blue clouds that like to make a lot of noise and blow the Zirons around.  Sometimes they bang into each other and create thunder, lightening and rain. Titan is a nice pink cloud that likes to gently  water the flowers.  When they finally meet Titan, they get to take a ride into the yellow sky on his back.

Stories for children 1: contains two stories within.  The Blue Princess  and  The Tiger, the Peasant and the Dog

Kalia was called the Blue Princess because she loved the color blue. The king had only one wish as he got older and that was to see his daughter married.  She didn't want to get married so she told her father that when a man brought her a blue dog then she would marry that man.  A wealthy merchant brings a blue dog to the princess, but she discovers he has been dyed blue, a Warrior brings  a dog sculpted from blue sapphire.  She rejects him as well. Next comes a man with a painting of a dog.  The king thinks it is hopeless.  One day while walking in the garden the Princess runs into the gardener's son along with his fluffy white dog. They see each other for several months.  They fall in love, but there is a problem.  She has promised only to marry a man who brings her a blue dog.  The gardener shows up the next day before the Kig with his fluffy white dog and states he wishes to marry the Princess. He hands her the leash to his white dog and tells her he has brought her a blue dog.  The King tells him it is not blue.  The Princess gently tells her father it is a blue dog.  He realizes they love each other and declares the dog blue and they get married.

The Tiger, The Peasant, and the Dog was one of my favorite stories. It kind of reminded me of one of Aesop's Fables.  A tiger is trapped in a cage and begs a peasant boy to let him out.  The peasant refuses for fear he will be eaten.  The tiger cries and the peasant has a change of heart.  The minute he is released the Tiger pounces on the peasant calling him a fool.  The peasant begs for his life.  He is given one chance at freedom.  He is allowed to question 3 things to vouch for him.  He finds 3 things and they refuse.  A dog comes along and asks why he is so sad.  The peasant explains and the dog says he doesn't understand. He asks to be taken back to where it all started.  The peasant brings the dog back and before the tiger can eat him he agrees to let the peasant explain to the dog the whole story.  The dog seems cofused. The frustrated tiger demonstrates for the dog how he ended up in the cage and the dog slams and locks the door, saving the peasant and proving that the tiger was indeed the fool.

All of these are cute stories that younger children will enjoy.

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