Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Adam Forever and Adam's Caverns by Lawrence Lapin

Genre: Adult, Science Fiction
Source: I purchased them

Adam Forever 
This was a strange book, intriguing, but strange.  Adam Boatwright is a geneticist.  His wife is afraid she will inherit breast cancer and have to go through what her sister is going through.  Adam decides to try to find a way to prevent his wife and others in the world from developing this cancer.  As a geneticist he works on what he believes is a cure.  The cure will keep the virus active in the body while preventing cancer. As always, there is a side effect, immortality.  Adam can’t just test this on anyone so he does the unthinkable and tests it on himself.  It is here we run into the normal issues that would arise.  Is it ethical? Who should be allowed this treatment if the known outcome would be immortality?  As I read this it played in my head like a movie.  I could see future events that could become very difficult and in some cases catastrophic.  If you have a race of people who all have immortality, how do you weed out the bad ones?  Who has the right to play God and choose who gets to live and who doesn’t?

Adam’s Caverns
In the second book in the series we have gone beyond the treatment and immortality issue.  As a scientist, Adam and a group of his friends prepare for the end of the world.  A meteor is going to crash into the earth and only a few will survive.  Adam and his friends stockpile embryos, animals, plants and other things they will need to repopulate the earth once life is destroyed by this meteor.  But, like all societies, even the post-apocalyptic ones, life isn’t perfect and never goes as planned.  There is fighting among them and among a group who survived in Antarctica.  Once again we are face with all types of ethical and social issues.  This book was actually better than the first one.  If you are into this type of read then I would definitely recommend it.

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