Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shay West's Trilogy

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Young Adult

Welcome to the world created by Shay West.  

Alexis Davenport is the teen protagonist in this wonderful trilogy. We start out with the book Dangerous Reflections where Alexis and her mom have moved across the country to her aunts guest house. There are so many changes in her life.  She wasn't expecting to see another face in a mirror.  She especially wasn't expecting to time travel through the mirror into the body of that face.  She is special and is out to save the world. For my full review of this book click here.

The second book in the series is called Twisted Reflections.  In this second book in the trilogy Alexis travels back in time to Egypt, and this time she meets someone like herself that can help her figure some of this out.  You can check out my full review to this book here.

The final book in this trilogy is called Desperate Reflections.  In this book Alexis comes face to face with the evil she has been trying to stop. This time he has not only her in his sights, but her friends and family as well.

I have to tell you that if there is one set of books you buy this year then this should be the set.   I have recommended it to several of my students.  I waited for all three books to come out in paperback before I  purchased them for my classroom.  I have students that won't start a series until the books are all out so that they can read them all straight through.  By bundling all of these kindle books together, you get not only a great series, but also a great price. Click here for a link to the Amazon page to order yours.  Understand that I am inn no way compensated for my review.  I just believe that it is one of the best series I have read this year.  So what are you waiting on?

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