Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Through a Daughter's Eyes: The Samuel "Dock" Pollard Story by Sharran Pollard

Genre: Adult, Memoir
Source: I purchased a copy

I work with the author. I realize I really never knew her.  I've worked with her for six and a half years.  During those years, until her father passed away, I knew very little about her dad.  I knew he was a pastor and that she adored him.  I guess you could say she worshipped the ground he walked on.  I had no idea he was such an awesome businessman. It explains a lot about the author.  After reading the book you can definitely say she is her fathers daughter.  Sharran gives us an open and honest look at her father and what it was like growing up in his household.  I don't think she could sing his praises enough.  From her book he was a very fair person, even when it came to discipline.  I loved her story of missing curfew by two minutes and losing her car for a month. He didn't give in.  Her mother stood behind her husband.  Sharran remembers the lessons learned.  I have to say that knowing only one side of her, the teacher, I can now see her father's influence in her classroom management.

Her father showed how strong his faith was as he leaned on God through multiple medical conditions.  He showed grace to those who sought to oust him from the very church he had started.  He is the standard by which we want others to judge Christians.  We want to be that person who wears their Christian faith on their sleeve for all to see.  We want to be that person that will one day be able to stand before God and hear him say, "Well done my good and faithful servant."  I have no doubt that these were the first words Samuel "Dock" Pollard heard as he entered through those heavenly gates.

About the Author
Sharran Pollard always enjoyed reading and writing as a child. She became an educator in the manatee County School System. She went on to forward her education in Ed. Leadership from the University of Central florida in Orlando, Florida.
Through a Daughter's Eyes is her first memoir that tells the story of her father's hardships throughout his lifetime and how he overcame these struggles to become a prominent successful baptist pastor of Mt. Raymond full gospel baptist Church, one of the largest African American churches in Southwest Florida. this story tells how his vision became his reality. When Sharran is not in somebody's mall shopping, she's most likely mentoring children or spendng family time with her mother Versia, her "special" friend Des, and their spoiled dogs. Sa'Jia and Diego. Sharran currenly resides in Palmetto, FL

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