Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wonderful Picture Book Finds

Genre: Picture Books
Source: I received copies of these books to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Anthony Ant Goes to Egypt by Julie Bettendorf

Anthony is an ant who travels the world in a suitcase. He travels to Egypt where he meets a new friend, a beetle named Babu. Babu takes him around and shows him all of the sites. This was a wonderful picture book. It was bright and colorful. The reader will learn so much from simply following his travels. It is set I simple rhyme which made the reading fun and makes it flow. I look forward to reading more of Anthony Ant’s adventures.

Lix & Basta The Lost Dragons Books 1-3 by Mark A. Gilchrist & Brian Rathbone

Godsland is full of dragons. Regent dragons protect Cremini Cows who have mushrooms that grow on their backs. Feral Dragons live in mountains and build their homes from Rooble Rocks that have crystals inside. Regent Dragons steal Rooble Rocks and Feral Dragons steal the mushrooms. They are always fighting each other. If these dragons have no crystals or mushrooms they start losing their colors and turn to stone This is the story of two of the smallest dragons. Lix is a Regent dragon. He is smaller than the other dragos. Basta is a Feral dragon. He can’t fly because his wings are too small. Both of them decide to steal what they need to keep from turning into stone. They bump into each other and fall down the mountain. They are whisked away to a strange land. In the new land they find a magical egg that will help them keep their colors. They have to work together to get the magic egg. What will happen when they each try to keep the egg for themselves? Will they learn to be friends and to work together? I can only hope the author continues this story as I have become quite hooked on it.

Pleasing to the Lord by Cindy Bracken

This simple rhyming book is based on Colossians 3:20. It tells small children what they can do to please the Lord. This is an excellent way to teach children acts of kindness.

Oliver and Jumpy Stories 4-6 by Werner Stejskal

Oliver the elegant cat with a top hat invites Jumpy the kangaroo and her baby Joey on a trip to Mokey Island. Their ship is a hippopotamus. Their tickets are paid with carrots. Once on the island they find entertainment from the monkeys. They take a camel ride. Their trip becomes difficult when a monkey steals Joey and they lose all their food getting him back. While golfing Oliver meets Molly Mole who wants Oliver and Jumpy to see what she has discovered. They end up in fairyland. You must read this story to find out about their adventures. The final story was called “Treasure Hunt”.  On a shopping trip Oliver buys an old table. While restoring it he finds a secret drawer with a treasure map inside. Take a trip with them to a land so similar to what you would have found in Willy Wonka that you want to stay there. These are simple and delightful stories. They are great adventure stories for that little adventurer in your life.

If I Were Your Monster by Scott Nicholson

A father is tucking his daughter into bed. He sits and explains all the ways he would protect her if he was her monster. This is not only a very cute story, but a book full of wonderful monsters for children of all ages to enjoy.

I Lost My Marble by Nathan Ritter

Marvin is a young boy who finds EVERYTHING boring. The only thing he likes to do is play with his marbles. His parents don’t know what to do with him so they take him to Uncle Greg’s to spend the day. When his favorite marble goes missing he has to hunt for it and realizes he had fun after all.

 The Big Zoroo (Naloo’s Version) and (Nanook’s Version) by Francois Bissonnette

Naloo (Nanook)  finds her friend Zoroo sad and sitting on a rock. Try as hard as he can Zoroo just can’t bounce very high, run very fast, or fly. Naloo (Nanook)  helps him see there are a lot of things he can do very well. This shows us that we all have our talents and we should be proud of them. These books are written identical except one is for a boy and one is for a girl.  I personally would like to see just one book with Naloo and Nanook on the adventure together, or else they take completely different adventures.  I love the storyline.  I just find this one thing a little annoying.

Operation Bumpkin Birthday by Petrina Khushoggi

Snitch, Snatch and Sketch are three rat brothers who live in the subway of New York.  Snatch is always thinking of his belly, often snatching food from the younger brother Snitch.  When this happens Snitch tattles to his ill tempered brother Sketch.  Sketch decides it is time to head up town where there is more food.  They find the home of the Bumpkin family on the edge of Central Park.  Going through the garbage they find a bounty of food.  Upon investigating the inside of the house Sketch learns there is to be a birthday party the next day.  This will mean lots of food.  But what will happen when the plans they make are messed up by greedy Snatch.  This is a wonderful book.  The illustrations are bright and beautiful.  They are so detailed.  The story is wonderfully told by someone who definitely has a talent for telling a story.  This was so delightful that I can't wait to share it with my grandchildren.

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