Saturday, April 25, 2015

Student Saturday: Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Student Reviewer: Alexia
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Flipped is about a boy named Bryce. His family is new to the neighborhood. While they were putting their furniture in their new home, this girl named Juliana couldn't wait to meet the new family that's moving in. Juliana liked Bryce and Bryce didn't like Juliana. But, then over the years Juliana liked Bryce les and Bryce liked Juliana more.

I really liked this book because I think it is a good book on how the author describe the characters in tehbook and about how school drama goes. I liked Juliana and her family, Bryce, Grandpa and all the free spirits. They don't realy care what people think of them and I liked how they handle family situation.  I liked how they said "the choices you choose now will affect you in the future." I really liked this quote

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