Monday, June 29, 2015

Dead Scary by Sally Gould

Genre: Upper Elementary, Middle Grades, Adventure, Mystery
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I have and probably always will ghost stories.  They don't have to be super scary for me to enjoy them. They can even be funny. I grew up in an old farm house in Indiana that was haunted. My great-grandmother refused to go upstairs for that reason.  My grandmother slept upstairs and since she was deaf heard none of the things the rest of us did. It took years before my father would admit to what he had seen as a child growing up in that house. I guess that is where my love of ghost stories began.

In this story we have a young boy named Adam who has moved with his family into what they consider their dream home. There is one problem, there is a ghost, who prefers to be called 'an earthbound spirit' who lives in the house. Adam sees Edward sitting in a window seat and introduces himself to him. Edward is shocked to learn that Adam can see him.  Adam knows a lot about ghosts since one of his best friends is a ghost. Edward starts out by setting up rules he expects Adam and his family to follow.  They are more like a list of demands.  Adam is not going to abide by this bossy ghost.  When Edward doesn't get his way he seeks help and his wish is granted.  A pack of Warrior Spirits will evict them.  What will Adam do to protect his sister? How can his ghost busting grandfather help from so far away?  Will he and Edward ever be able to work things out or is it too late?  This is a quick book to read. It took me less than an hour.  The pacing is great and will definitely hold the attention of kids.  This is another great ghost story to add to my school shelves. For the reluctant reader it is short enough to entice them and the story is well written so it will keep them reading.  I wasn't familiar with this author but I will check out her other books.  Hopefully there will be future ghost stories.

About the Author:

Sally Gould loved books from a young age, but ever considered writing them. While she was busy getting up to the mischief that teenagers get up to, she forgot about books all together. Then total insanity took hold and she became a corporate lawyer. Fortunately, she had two sons and they inspired her to write stories for children. Of course, her oldest son is responsible logical, studious, considerate, grateful and even makes his bed. The youngest one is only interested in having fun – lots of it. And, except for his teachers, he makes everyone laugh. Their antics have inspired many of Sally’s stories. Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia with her family and two dogs – Pebbles, who is sensible and Jade, who just wants to have fun.

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  1. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Dead Scary. I appreciate your interest in my writing.