Sunday, June 28, 2015

deepFreak by Mars Dumont

Genre: Political Thriller, Science Fiction,  Adult
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

This book took me longer than usual to read.  The author has done a fantastic job of creating a technological language that takes a while to get used to.  For this reason I would recommend anyone reading this book continue on when they start feeling frustrated with the language.  Your brain eventually picks it up. You can also go to their website where they have a glossary of the words used in the book.  You can check it out here. An example from the beginning is the title.  I kept wanting to capitalize the first letter, thinking there had been a mistake.  There was no mistake.  We find words like “eyeVids”, “SIMrooms”. I  will say that I have trouble reading science fiction because of the science/technology aspect.  I understood this one quite a bit. This one made me realize that this could actually be our future.  Teens today would probably have no problem getting used to this type of talk or world.

The worlds created by this author are fascinating and scary at the same time.  Teens don’t need to physically go to a party because they can show up virtually.  For me, being older, the idea of having implants in your brain so that you can be wired into the Web is scary. Another scary aspect was the fact that your identity could be completely wiped out as if you never existed.

The story takes another turn when Milan, whose mother is a politician, goes missing during a solar storm. Milan finds himself in “The Other Side”. In this world there isn’t any technology. Things are done the old fashioned way. Milan finds his grandparents in this world. They had disappeared five years earlier.  He will need to make a decision though. With his grandparents and all of his new friends in one world and his old friends an mother in the other world, he will have to decide where he really belongs.

For those people who just need a bit of romance to their stories, this book has that as well. Audrey and Milan’s mother both find romance. However, as you read this book the lines between reality and what is not real begin to blur.  The books begs you to ask yourself if all this technology is for the best.  Remember with technology, you have to have those who police it and we know that those people can take it too far.  We are always talking about “Big Brother”. In a world like this, I’m afraid “Big Brother” would really take over.  Then you must ask yourself the question. Is this really the best life?

Although this book is a science fiction book, the issues it brings up in each of the worlds are real world issues and something this book makes you think about. For me if a book can make me emotional or make me question things in society; mine, the future, or made-up, then the book has successfully done its job.  Well done, Mars Dumont.

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