Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two Books of Poetry by W.R. Watkins

Source: I received both copies to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

You. Are. Not. Alone

 Full of emotions that are both honest and raw, the author sets out on a journey of discovery. This is a journey taken through the dark places of his life, into a much brighter future.  I could relate to so many of the emotions and the rawness. He encourages us to accept who we are and to learn to be okay with ourselves, because changes on the outside won't change who we are on the inside.  His poem "Cry" made me feel like he had sat by my bedside as I went through my depression knowing my husband had found another.  "I Need Somebody" is how I felt, almost desperate. I needed to feel loved because at that moment my confidence was shaken in love. He tied it up nicely in his poem, "You. Are. Not. Alone."  The periods after each word state for a fact that we are not alone. There are others out there going through the same things we go through. Sometimes we need therapy to understand that statement.  This poetry is a little on the melancholy side, but still you leave with feelings of hope.

An Obsessive Infatuation

In Watkins' second book of poetry he takes us from longing for love to finding it.  This book starts off in a depressed mood.  The author is longing for someone to love.  He looks and when he sees the one person that he believes can make him happy his heart soars.  He doesn't tell them, yet lets his infatuation grow until he is ready to burst.  Finally he takes a chance and tells them only to hear they don't care for him the same way, but they want to be friends. It hurts and tears at him.  He took a risk, but was it worth it to have loved, let his love be known, and then find out it wasn't to be.  This is a lot more depressing that his first book.  The pain in this book both begins and ends it.  Once again it is full of emotions that everyone can understand and say, "hey I've been there."

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