Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Intentions by Pembroke Sinclair

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Katie has been through Hell—literally—and discovered that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.  In fact, she kind of enjoyed it.  She got to be with Josh, found out about her past, and discovered who she wanted to be as a person.  Katie didn’t care that her actions went against social norms.  She was happy.

But things are changing—again.  Wes has come back into her life, and that can only mean trouble.  His presence threatens to unravel her new-found happiness.  She can’t allow that.  She won’t let him back in.  Yet, Katie can’t push him away.

Thrown back into a state of confusion and uncertainty, Katie is once again forced to pick sides, and in the process, she may lose herself.

My Thoughts:
This is the last book in "The Road to Salvation Series".  In the first book in the series Katie has always liked Wes. He's comfortable.  He has never seemed to reciprocate those feelings. So, when Josh enters her school she is drawn to this bad boy. She learns that all she has known about Wes and what she has learned about Josh is enough to blow the mind.

The second book Katie is drawn more into the dark side.  A part of her finds Josh's souls stealing appaling, yet a part of her, having stolen her first soul find the power something she is beginning to crave.

This brings us to the final book in the series.  Katie has had this love hate relationship going on with Wes.  At this point she doesn't feel she can believe anything he says.  She is liking this dark side? Why?  I am not going to spill the beans on that. Let's just say that Lucifer has some inside knowledge about her that you don't want to miss. The question is, at the end of it all who will be left standing with their soul, and who will be cast into hell?  Will her friends and family be able to survive the consequences of her choices and will she even care?

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I loved the way it ended. It was all neatly tied up yet was set up so there can be more books if the author decides to go that way.  This is a series you really need to read.

About Pebroke Sinclair

Pembroke Sinclair is a literary jack of all trades, playing her hand at multiple genres. She has written an eclectic mix of fiction ranging from horror to sci-fi and even some westerns. Born in Rock Springs, Wyoming--the home of 56 nationalities--it is no wonder Pembroke ended up so creatively diverse. Her fascination with the notions of good and evil, demons and angels, and how the lines blur have inspired her writing. Pembroke lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with her husband, two spirited boys, a black lab named Ryder, and a rescue kitty named Alia, who happens to be the sweetest, most adorable kitty in the world! She cannot say no to dessert, orange soda, or cinnamon. She loves rats and tatts and rock and roll and wants to be an alien queen when she grows up.

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