Saturday, August 15, 2015

Blaze by Ginger Lee Malacko

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
Nathan and his wayward angel crew are back in this thrilling, action-stuffed, sequel to SPARK - and so is the king demon, Wrath, and his army of minions. When the entire county around Temple Hills is threatened by Wrath's smoke-spewing technology, the misfits of Section #71 finally get the promotion they've been working for. But life is hardly a slice of Heaven as Nathan is drawn ever deeper into the mystery of Lazarus' failing strength and the meaning of his own alarming premonitions of the future. 

With the help of a mortal who can see angels and an army of special agents, Nathan and his friends embark on their dream job only to discover it's not he exciting adventure they had hoped for. Perilous missions, dangerous secrets, and a possible traitor in their midst wreak havoc on the section as the angels of Mount Ember go to war. 

Nathan will need much more than courage and a good curve ball to halt Wrath's plans for world domination and restore the balance between good and evil.

My Thoughts:

Nathan and his crew are not the top of the list angels. As a matter of fact they are considered the misfits of the group. In a demonstration they show off what they as a group are able to do when it comes to battling demons. They are doing things they shouldn’t be able to do.  They have been working in secret honing their gifts, working for a promotion. The question is, when given the promotion are they really prepared? He has got to stop Wrath’s plan to not only stop him from taking over Temple Hill but the hold world. I thought it funny that after Nathan and his crew worked so hard to get recognized, he actually had second thoughts about whether they had gone too far trying to get a promotion. He knew he previously had issues and got into all kinds of trouble. He didn’t want go back to his former self. He had truly changed.  This showed his character growth. I think that is what makes these books so good. The author does a great job of not only keeping the pressure on so that you have to keep reading, but they also do an excellent job of making sure the characters are growing and changing.  This was another page turner. I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves middle grade reads and can’t wait to recommend it to my sixth graders this year.

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