Thursday, December 17, 2015

2016 A - Z Reading Challenge

A to
Z Reading Challenge

It has been several years since I participated in any reading challenges. There was a time when I would have 5 or 6 going throughout the year. Then I started writing. Between the writing of books and the reading for review, I got lost. My book piles, especially on my Kindle kept piling up. I would find a book I wanted to read, purchase it and then I would not get to it because I had a deadline for a review. I have decided that this year I am going to tackle that list of books on my Kindle. I figure the best way to do that is to schedule, IN ADVANCE, on my calendar, books for this challenge. I live by that calendar for my reviews. If it is there and I get a request I can pull up the calendar, see something already posted and schedule the review for a different day. If I don't do this I will NEVER get my pile down. My blog is called Musings of a Book Addict for a reason. I once had a student ask me if there were organizations for people like me. He was being dead serious. When I asked him what he meant he said, "You know, they have AA for alcoholics, so do they have something for book addicts like you?"  My reply to him was, "No honey, there is no hope for people like me." I laughed as I looked at him and watched him shake his head as if to say, that is so sad.  He truly felt this addiction was out of control.  He was a student who loved to read and talk books. He thought I just went overboard.

So, it is time to try some interventions and get this addiction under a little bit of control. The books on this list are for my Kindle books only. I will be crossing them off here as I read them. I may even add to the list. I will not start this challenge until January 1st, so if you have an addiction like I do, feel free to set up your own challenge.  I am not joining an official challenge out there as that seems to sabotage me. This is just my own version for my own pleasure.  I think I will also bring this up to my students to see who would like to join me.

Most of these books were purchased in 2011. With close to 3,000 books on my Kindle it is time to read them down.

Alias Dragonfly - Jane Singer 
Bone Ash - Riley Russell  
Creative Spirit: A Supernatural Thriller -  Scott Nicholson  
Down a Lost Road - J. Leigh Bralick 
Emerald River, The - J.K. Drew  
Fall Girl by Marybeth Smith 
Ghost College  - Scott Nicholson 
Healing Lily - D. Stephenson Bond
Invisible - Lorena McCourtney   
Just As I Am - Virginia Smith  
Kiss of Adventure, A - Catherine Palmer 
Love is the Higher Law - David Levithan  
Mistletoe & Mr. Hoe - Lorraine Nelson  
No Fear - Allie Harrison  
Orphaned Hearts - Shawna K. Williams  
Preacher’s Bride, The - Jody Hedlund  
Quilt, The - T. Davis Bunn  
Roseflower Creek - Jackie Lee Miles   
Surviving  September 11th - Dan Holdridge  
Trapped - J.A.Konrath 
Untraceable - S.R. Johannes  
Vision of Sugarplums, A - Jennifer Blake
Wrong Side of the Tracks, The - Mike Wells 
XGeneration 1: You Don’t Know Me - Brad Magnarella 
You Can’t Stop Me - Max Allan Collins  
ZZZZ - Catriona Crehan 

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