Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31-33 by Werner Stejskal

In “Crockery Party” we find a New Years Day tradition in Silandia.
In Silandia, on New Years Day the cutlery and crockery create a feast for Oliver, Jumpy and Joey. After they have cooked and served their guests they turn themselves upside down and become instruments. They play until Midnight when they go back to their shelves and drawers.
In “Shark Frenzy” Oliver, Jumpy and Joey take the boat out to watch the whales on their trip south. They love to watch the children play with the whales. But, one thing they must all watch out for is sharks. While Joey was swimming they suddenly saw a shark fin. The shark tried to eat Joey. His mother pulled him into the boat. This made the shark mad. He pushed the boat further away from shore. As he prepared to bite the boat, Oliver threw a bottle of chili sauce into the shark’s mouth. The shark swam away. Oliver and his friends had a party on the beach.
In “Small World” Oliver goes through a magic door in a castle. This door has the power to make you smaller. Oliver visits the insects that live in the grass. He outsmarts a beetle, gets a ride on a caterpillar. Then he travels the tunnels of an anthill and meets the queen. Suddenly he finds himself trapped in a raindrop. When he gets out he decides his adventure is over. What a wonderful way to teach about the smaller creatures in nature.

This is another wonderful Oliver Adventure.

Monty The Courageous Survival of a Rescue Dog by Janet Squires

The story of Monty is both a heartbreaking and a heartwarming story. Monty was found in the desert close to death. He was used as a bait dog for dog fighting. The atrocities thrust upon him just tear at your heart. He'd been shot through the hip, had a broken back leg, the other back leg had a torn achilles tendon. He'd been beaten and burned.  He was near death, but there were enough people who believed in him to try to save him. Eventually, he would lose a leg. This story, unlike many, has a happy ending. He found a forever home. We need to read these kinds of stories if for no other reason than to let us know that we can do something to help animals and maybe make people aware to stop the abuse that seems to be so prevalent in our society.

The Peace and Love Train by Tyler Rose and Kiley Sage Kincaid

This is a sweet story of the Peace and Love Train that travels around the world in search of extra special boys and girls. This is a story about how all children, no matter what they look like, how they learn, or how they are different should all be treated fairly and loved. The story looked a children with braces, who were mentally and physically different, whether they were too tall, or big, their skin was a different color or wore glasses. This story is to teach others that no matter how different we are, we are all made with love and we need to treat everyone the same because everyone is special in their own little way.

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