Friday, December 11, 2015

What Lies Within by Jamie Cortland

Genre: Adult, Suspense
Source: I received a copy to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

From Goodreads:
Evelyn Valentino, still half-way in love with her super-star ex-husband, meets James McMann, a handsome and charismatic builder in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Meeting him in a coffee shop, she is immediately attracted to him while her young daughter calls him "Mr. Stranger Danger." Swept away by James and his incredible charm, she is taken on a whirlwind courtship. Warned by her parents and friends to go slowly, she ignores them. Caught in his web he drops his mask and Evelyn discovers he is not the man of her dreams, but of her nightmares. Her only thought is of escape.

My Thoughts:
This is one of those books that is suspenseful enough to creep you out. I was concerned for Evelyn after she met James McMann. Why? When I read he was hearing voices, and he was drinking to shut the voices up, I knew immediately  the guy had some major issues. The fact that both of Evelyn's parents and her daughter didn't like the man made it clear that something was wrong.  When they say that love is blind they are right. I loved the fact that Evelyn's father was a psychiatrist and picked up on something, especially the fact that James was bothered by the fact Evelyn's father was a psychiatrist. There were all of these little hints throughout the story that told you things were only going to get worse. I won't say how much worse because I really think you should read this book.  It is a quick read, but will hold your attention all the way through. This was the first time I'd read anything by this author. I believe I will need to check out her other works.

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